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How useful is Computer in our daily life?


A computer is useful for various purposes. It converts raw data and facts into meaningful knowledge and information. It helps you get quick and easy access to the information at any time and anywhere. Computers have revolutionized online and offline business, online business, online education, internet banking, and online communication. Due to the exemplary features and potential of this electronic device, it has become an important part of daily life. Let us look at the benefits of this device in our daily life.

Speedy execution of tasks

A computer makes us efficient in accomplishing our tasks. Whether it is sending an email, ordering food, transferring money, video conferencing, or making a purchase, this device simplifies everything. With its inbuilt automated technologies, it helps the user to complete toughest and critical tasks quickly and easily.

Enhancement of skills

A computer is one of the ways to enhance skills and talents. Whether you like to dance, music, gardening, cooking, etc. you will get several videos online to enhance your skills. Online interactive tutorials and Live learning sessions help people in learning a new language or any other skillset at the comfort of home.

Run a business online

A computer is also helpful to set up and expand your business. It is the best option for entrepreneurs and talented people who lack adequate resources and financial backing to set up their physical store. Nowadays several social media networking channels are extensively used by people to showcase their talent and services online.

These are Instagram, Facebook, etc. By sharing your services on these channels, you can reach to potential customers spread all over the web. With an investment on this device, you can get more exposure than a local business store.

A great source of entertainment

A computer is a great source of entertainment that is affordable and convenient. Nowadays it has become a common trend to watch movies and television shows on the computer. This has reduced the craze for cinema halls and television. Whether you want to listen to music or watch your favorite show, or sport, there are several applications, that provide you easy access to entertainment on the computer.

Automate medical records

The use of computers is not just limited for personal use. They are also heavily used in companies and non-commercial organizations. One of them is hospitals. Earlier, customer’s data was stored in the form of a file system that was difficult to manage and also prone to a safety threat.

With the customer, it becomes easy to add, retrieve, manage, and delete information. The chances of duplicate entries in a medical record are also eliminated. With proper authorization, any illegal access to information is avoided.

In terms of treatment, the computer ensures a precise diagnosis of a disease. Doctors are now taking the assistance of several medical apps to diagnose and treat an ailment. Improved diagnosis helps in the timely and effective management of a disease. Computers are also used in various hospitals to research blood scan, urine test, diseases, and a lot more.

Improvise learning

A computer has reinvented the conventional education system. Nowadays schools and colleges have become hi-tech. Computers are used in the classrooms to facilitate the process of imparting and receiving an education. Some several universities and colleges now provide online degree courses for college students.

Computer technologies are widely for teaching students creatively and digitally with data visualization. They are extensively used in classrooms to explore imagination and creativity in the mind of the student. In the present scenario, e- degree programs are designed for college students. It is now provided in several universities and colleges.

Schools and colleges throughout the world now use computer and web technologies such as drawing tools, audio, video lectures, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheet, etc. These tools help students to learn accurately and deeply. This has transformed a traditional classroom into a digital classroom and a smart classroom. Computers serve as one of the most significant academic tools for learners as well as teachers. Blogs, YouTube, Newsletters, eBooks, and eNewspaper are some of the important educational tools used in present times that can’t be accessed without a computer.

Effective ways to grow business

With the help of a computer with an internet connection, a person can execute the business, manage the business as well as grow the business. All websites such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon are created with the help of the internet and computer.

Faster execution of banking transactions

Computers are extensively used in banks and other financial institutions to make the execution of transactions fast and precise. Internet banking is one of the best examples that show the use of a computer to perform banking transactions.

It helps customers to perform a majority of banking transactions from home. This not just provide comfort to people but also helps in saving their productive time. Digital banking also lowers the cost of the infrastructure of banks.


Gone are the days when a computer was treated as a luxury. Due to all the above benefits, it is considered to be a boon for humans. With its various incredible functions and features, it has now become a necessity of living.