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Negative Impact Of Fake News


Fake news is a baseless information that is projected in the form of real news. All it does it to deceive people. Any false information when represented as true is termed as fake news. The primary objective of fake news is to earn money by getting more likes/ shares/ comments, to misguide people, to pay with emotions of people, to degrade people, etc. In this article, we will look into detail about the negative implication of spreading fake news in the society.

Loss of reputation

One of the major negative impacts of fake news is to demean the reputation of people. It can be to succeed in an event such as an election, a sports competition, etc. By spreading fake news, a person can showcase those attributes of its competitors that may not be appreciative, or appealing to the general public. The information that is presented shows that their competitor is not worthy of getting the recognition.

Long lasting impact

The damage that fake news does to the personality of the person is detrimental, and leaves scars throughout the life. People blindly believes on what they hear, or see. Very few would go, and check the righteousness of the news. A man’s or a business’ reputation takes several years to build, but can go down instantly with just a single piece of false information. Power of one single comment can nullify the positive impact created by a hundred positive reviews.

Can even make a person commit suicide

This is the biggest negative consequence of the fake news on people in today’s society. Sometimes, fake news is so damaging, and its repercussions are so bad, that a person can’t handle such allegations on himself or herself. It makes them feel humiliated, and shameful. People who feel they emotions are shattered, can’t deal with the change in society’s behavior towards them, lose job, etc. and don’t see any way to correct their image, can even take big steps to even commit suicide. They lose all hope from the world, and start hating their life, and society. What does the fake news creator get in such a case?

Misguide people

This is another negative impact of fake news. Misinformation in many cases is tough to correct. Such casual inferences are based on available information pertaining to any given outcome, or event. The result is that such false information if not corrected, can continue to influence attitudes, and beliefs of people after it gets debunked.

Deceive people

The sole purpose of fake news is to spread misinformation, and deceive people. The creators of fake news execute it so well that it becomes a trap for people. People starts to believe on what is being shown to them, without thinking about its logical side, and evidences. The irony is that social media, newspaper, and other advertising channels, also support in propagation of fake news. This gives encouragement to such people, and create more of such news and harm people in the society.

Plays with sentiments of people

Their primary objective is to plays with people’s sentiments, and accomplish their selfish motives. People who are behind production of such fake news makes use of a foolproof trick. They play on our strong emotions, and sentiments that are attached to celebrities. By hearing any unexpected fake news, all types of emotions are going to rise in them such as surprise, disgust, fear, contempt, hatred, etc.).

Inventors of fake news know about it very well, and use it as a tool to influence people. The consequence is that more, and more people will be reacting and sharing such misinformation, and accomplishing the objective of its creator.

Promotes violence

The introduction of social media along with sharing of the huge volumes of unconfirmed information has led to creation of an environment where untruths, and lies spread rapidly. Violence is one of the real-world consequences of fake news. It can be seen during elections, when political parties spread fake news about each other to change social attitudes and ideologies of people. Such sensational, and false information dispersed under the pretext of news can lead to violent repercussions.

Makes us take wrong decisions

Fake information can take a variety of forms and can shape our decision-making abilities. We make an idea pertaining to a situation, or people by gaining information. By looking at any invented, exaggerated, distorted, or false, there is a possibility to make incorrect decisions on that basis. Thus, fake news can adversely impact your decisions.