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Positive and Negative Effects of Internet


Internet is a global network of interconnected networks of computers. It makes it easier and quick for people to access information sitting at any corner of the world. Introduction of internet has digitized the society. Its use has increased in our daily life. It has resulted in complete transformation in availability of knowledge, social interaction, and communication. Just like any other technology, internet too has its own share of positive and negative effects on society. Let us see more about these effects in detail.

Positive Effects of Internet

Easy to carry out a research

Before the introduction of internet, people used to visit libraries and access a ton of books to obtain the relevant information. Gathering information through this method had been a very time-consuming and exhausting process. Internet is a vast repository of information. Its introduction helped students to easily access loads of free content and come up with a valuable research.

Browsing and reading books at your own place and convenience is the key benefit of internet. Quick access to information makes it faster and convenient to prepare for interviews. Internet also help people to review medical articles, medical studies, business articles, hone their hobbies, scientific articles, create videos, and find answers related to any topic.

Internet helps you to watch television shows, music videos, movies, and podcasts from varying sources, watch sporting events, do trade, talk to doctor or employer using this facility. Internet exposes a job seeker to several employers via job websites. In this way it assists him to apply in for the employment opportunities, and get the employment job of his choice and capabilities.

Makes communication faster

Communication is a very integral part of your daily life. Internet makes it easier for friends, relatives, and families to communicate easily and quickly. Several websites and applications such as Gtalk, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. help you to stay in touch with your near and dear ones at all the time. Internet is a boon for people who stay far from their family. These communication apps make it easier for them to stay in touch with them by sending snaps, emails and videos, and feel the closeness.

A good opportunity to earn income

Internet is beneficial for people who want to work from home. It provides several job platforms to people who want to work as a freelancer. There are millions of jobs available on the internet on various niches such as Graphic designing, Content writing, Marketing, Data Entry etc. to help people earn income at the comfort of their home.

In addition to it, there are several electronic retail stores where user can trade for goods. They can use these platforms to buy or sell their items to make money.  Sellers can post their product ads on these websites that are purchased by interested buyers.  In this way, internet serves as an income earning medium.

Quick business transactions

Now a lot of banking services are available on the internet. People are relieved from the hassle of visiting banks to perform various banking transactions such as accessing bank balance, withdraw funds, deposit funds, funds transfer between accounts etc. Internet is a valuable way to manage your finances effectively.

Negative Impact of Internet

Causes addiction in people

Internet allows people to watch movies, online games, and chat with others. All these beneficial services of the internet can make one addicted to it. Whether you are a child, youth or an adult, people of all ages get addicted to it. This can take away their precious time, that when invested at the right place would have enhanced their productivity at the workplace.


Spending a lot of time sitting and accessing internet all the day causes children to become obese. Children are nowadays more interested in watching movies and playing games online than engaging in outdoor sports activities. This sedentary lifestyle is badly affecting their health and adversely impacting their personality.

Lack of the human touch

People are so much engrossed in online activities that they forget talking to their family members, and neighbors. Communicating via typing messages and calling to virtual friends, they tend to lack inter-personal and socialization skills with real ones. They lack abilities to interact with family, relatives, and other surrounding people that make their personality unattractive.

Increase in criminal activities

Cyber-crimes are increasing day by day. There are several criminals on internet that have malicious intention to harms others and illegitimately access their financial data. They work by developing phishing websites that looks legitimate to people. These deceptive websites fool and misled people and steal their financial information. In this way they make unethical money.


Internet has both positive and negative impacts on society. It is required to manage the technology for overall benefit of the mankind. Ensure that robust internet security is in place to avoid the negative impacts of this technology.

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