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Positive And Negative Effects Of Lockdown On The World

Coronavirus has caused a lot of disaster in the world. Millions of people have lost their lives due to this life-threatening virus. This deadly pandemic has adversely impacted all nations of the globe. The situation is getting terrible day by day as there is no vaccine invented yet to treat this virus.

To control its quick transmission among people, the only option that the government of different nations has is to impose lockdown in their individual countries. This lockdown has resulted in positive as well as negative effects on various aspects of life of people. In this article we will look about it in detail.

Positive effects of Lockdown

Clear skies: The most pronounced impact of lockdown is that it has resulted in clearer skies, clean water, and clean air. As billions of people are locked in their houses, vehicles have reduced on the road, and air, entry of tourists is stopped, and industries have shut down, pollution has reduced to a significant extent.

This is indirectly related to economic benefits of a nation. With reduction in pollution, the health of people is improving. Due to reduced respiratory illnesses like asthma, there are fewer visits to hospital. In this way medical expenditure has also reduced. Due to clean water, marine life has greatly improved. Cleaner roads, and air, proves to be beneficial for birds and terrestrial animals.

Due to shut down of industries, disposal of sewage, detergents, toxic, and other chemical wastes into water has greatly reduced. In this way, water contamination is reduced. As people are performing religious rituals at home, water sources have become cleaner.

Genuine Relationships: In our stressful busy schedules, we do not get time to talk to our family members. Due to lock down, we have got an opportunity to spend some valuable moments with loved ones. We have become more social and connected with relatives.

More Focus on yourself: Lockdown has provided us time to focus on our life, health, social connections etc. You get the time to introspect on your career. Assess the progress of your existing goals and make plans for the future.

Learn Better Hygiene: You may not have been practicing healthy and hygienic lifestyle before lockdown. It has taught you the importance of cleanliness by washing hands several times a day, covering mouth while coughing, properly washing vegetables, and fruits, keeping house and furniture clean and more.

Nurture your personality: You get the time to pursue your hobby, or talent for which you were not able to make time in the past. This quarantine invites hacks, ideas, tips, and tricks to assist communities.

Learnt new Tools, and Software: Due to lockdown you have learnt new online tools and software to study via digital classrooms and work via virtual office spaces. This has contributed a lot towards enhancing the workflows and procedures that are needed for operating teams, or studying through online mode.

Negatives of Lockdown

Loss of studies: One of the major adverse impacts of lockdown is seen on the academics of students who are not able to attend classroom learning sessions. The education board in various nations can’t organize the board exams on scheduled exam dates due to the coronavirus pandemic. This has resulted in the loss of studies of students.

Financial loss: As all businesses except utility businesses are closed, the earning capacity of people has substantially reduced. It has become a major concern for people who are dependent on daily earnings to support their family. Film industry, tourism industry, aviation industry, railways, IT companies, industries, etc. are also shut down during this pandemic. This has resulted in a drastic reduction in the global economy.

To beat the financial crisis, the government has reduced the interest on saving schemes, the return of mutual funds has also reduced, and prices of oil, diesel and petrol have increased, etc. All these factors have resulted in monetary loss in people.

Loss of Jobs: Due to lockdown, number of laborers in industries have reduced. Also, as people are not going to shop for electronic goods, furniture, and other home essentials, the demand of these goods have reduced. This has led to reduction in revenue generation, and that is ultimately translating into salary cuts, and job losses. Lockdown, if extended, is projected to increase unemployment, and poverty in the world.


Every coin has two sides. Same goes with lockdown. Where it has positively impacted environment and controlled contamination to a considerable extent, it has also badly affected economies of the world. However, if lockdown has not been implemented, the condition of the world would have been severe. So, support the initiative of the government and stay socially distant but emotionally connected to curb coronavirus.

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