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Positive And Negative Effects Of Media


Media is one of the ways that provides entertainment, information, and value addition in the life of a person. There are different types of media channels that are available for public. Prominent ones being print media that comprise of newspapers, and magazines, electronic media as television and radio, and digital media as computer.

Whichever way one uses, media has impacted people in a myriad of ways. Some in good sense and some in bad sense. It all boils down on to how we use it. Careful and limited use will get you all of its advantages without getting addicted to it. This article gives a clarity of positive and negative effects of media so that we focus on getting more of its benefits and guard ourselves against its negative influences in life.

Positive Effect of Media:

A majority of people especially parents and elderly people blame media for the prevalent problems in the society. Media is not all that bad. When used in moderation and control, it can benefit you in so many ways. Let us learn about them.

Develop Awareness In People:

Media gives you exposure to different types of information outlets that helps in development of awareness about the world. This helps a person to become socially responsible citizens. Magazines, news channels, and social networking websites makes a person constantly updated about the world.

Develop Social Skills In People:

An impressive personality is desirable everywhere. Sitting at home doing nothing will not get you anywhere. Access to media provides an opportunity to people to enhance their personality and social skills. They learn about the current trends, talk to new people, learn music/ dance steps/ English etc. that improves their personality.

Not just their social circle expands, but they also gain confidence and social support. Media is one of the best ways for diversification of the skills in people that helps excel in all steps of life.

Inspire Them:

Be it sports, movies or politics, media celebrities are one of the major ways to inspire people. It can be in the form of their noble work, generous attitude, healthy lifestyle, kindness to animals/ birds, or an anti-drug campaign, they improve the quality of life of their fans.

Hone their Motor Skills:

Video games is one of the classifications of media. Children who play video games are seen to be good multitaskers, and quick decision makers. They possess good co-ordination and motor skills and knows how to make the best use of available resources. Playing video games teach them to stay composed during adversities and tackle it strategically without losing your mental peace.

Develop Writing and Reading Skills:

Reading blogs, quotes, books written by favorite authors, or chatting builds and improves reading and writing skills in people. This makes them effective communicators. These are some important skills that are useful everywhere such as workplace, social settings etc.

Negative Effect of Media:

Over exposure to media and dependency brings about negative tendencies in a person. It can be seen in the form of addiction, development of aggression, violence, mood swings, lack of empathy in a person.

If you relate to these signs, then you must know that media is overpowering you. You should take steps to achieve a balance on life. Reduce your media exposure and divert your attention to other activities. This will save you from its harm.

A Sense Of Unhealthy Competition

Comparison and competition of your own self with others is healthy when it encourages you to improve internally and externally. However, these days, in place of appreciating and imbibing good traits of people, they tend to do comparison and get jealous of them.

Sometimes they even indulge in putting down others or suffer from lack of self-esteem. Most people are seen to live a fake life that is far from reality. They crave for attention, likes, followers, comments etc. to feel important.

Increase in violence

Playing violent games, watching scary and violent clips online, increases violent tendencies in people. Teenagers spend countless hours throughout the day watching such scenes. Many teenagers are not able to distinguish between fantasy, and reality. They bring violence to the daily life by indulging in fighting, shooting and gun fire in real life.


Spending a lot of time watching television, playing video games, chatting with friends makes a child dull. He spends most of the time sitting at one place while accessing media outlets. Lack of body movements is not good for your physical body. It will slowly make you obese and develop other types of ailments too.