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Positive and Negative Effects of Robot


Robotics, based on Artificial Intelligence, is an intelligent machine with small parts or components. It is used in various fields such as manufacturing, rescue missions, search functions, in the military, in factories, in self driving cars, and other automobiles etc. Robots are programmed to be highly efficient to replicate humans and achieve excellence to perform any task that a human does.

With technological advancement, they have become more efficient than a human being. Use of robots provides several advantages to the society, but they have a wide range of disadvantages too. Let us see both these impacts of robots in detail.

Positive effects of Robots

Can help in space mission

Robots, based on artificial intelligence are becoming innovating and expert with every passing day. In the present age, robots have become so advanced that they even capable of going into space and accomplish space expedition. Robots are designed with the ability to withstand intimidating environmental conditions of interplanetary space.

They are designed to adjust to planetary atmospheres without experiencing any impact on their physical state, and performance. This makes them highly beneficial for space exploration. Robots can gain valuable insights to scientists to enrich their space research.

Can reach unreachable areas

Robots have the ability to reach the places that are not easier to be reached by humans. They can provide the beneficial information that the humans are not able to get. You can easily send them to any dangerous environment like the war-zones, or the deep sea without any risk of serious casualties or loss of life that can cause traumatic emotional experience to people that surrounds them.

Ability to work non stop

Another important advantage of robots is that they do not get tired like humans. They are basically a machine that can do nonstop working 24*7 without any break. They do not get bored doing the same job again and again. Whether they work for the first time, or the 100th time, you are going to see the same precision, and efficiency in their performance. Unlike humans, Robots do not take sick leave or go on vacation like humans. So, you can expect non-stop uninterrupted work from them all 365 days in a year.

Do not need any incentives

Unlike humans, a robot does not need sleep, food, salary and perks to work. All it needs an organization to program them and they can do any type of job without any loss of performance.

Faster and error free execution of tasks

One of the most significant benefits of Robots is that they are able to execute any task quickly than human beings. Another benefit worth to be noted is that they produce consistent and accurate results every single time.

Assist people with depression

Robot can also be programmed to behave as a pet. Robot pets can assist patients who suffer from depression. It entertains them and keeps them active. Furthermore, robots assist elderly people in executing several tasks easily.

Versatile in nature

Robots can perform a wide range of tasks in various industries. They can manufacture automated products in factories like assembling cars, etc. They can even be used for developing several parts for products like the parts of planes, car, construction supplies, and more. Robots can also be used in airport, banks, hotels, hospitals etc.

A lot of organizations use Robots for mining, digging the earth for fuel, explore the ocean depths, and other repetitive, dangerous, and time-consuming tasks. Robots are manufactured to work in severe environments such as in space, underwater, in the fire, and in absence of the air. They are useful at places where human safety is at a risk.

Offer high level precision

Robots are self-sufficient on their own and does not need any human interference for performing any assigned task. They are most suited for all those activities that require accuracy and precision. Robots have been used in hospitals to perform several medical surgeries as they work quickly and with great accuracy than the humans.

Negative effects of Robot

Need electricity

Robots require a lot of power to function.

Replaced humans at workplace

Robots have seen to steal the jobs in almost all major industries in the world. The leads to unemployment and poverty among people.

High cost

Not just the upfront cost, but maintenance cost of robots is also very high. Robot cost heavily for manufacturing or buying it. Also, if they breakdown or requires a change in their programming technology, then it can prove to be very expensive and time consuming.

Makes people dependent

Due to efficiency, accuracy, and fast execution of operations, organizations have become overly dependent on these machines.

Can cause destruction

In case of losing the control of Robot in the wrong hands, this machine can even cause a lot of destruction.

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