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Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media


Social media has seen a dramatic development in the past decade. Twitter and Facebook have grown a lot quicker and made a base of millions of users. If the technology continued to expand in this manner, then more and more people will be willing to grasp its advantages in later years.

However, there is also a downside to technology. Social media impacts the society in the adverse way too. But consciously or unconsciously, it can have negative influence on users. In this article, we are going to tell you the advantages as well as drawbacks of the social media on a user.

Positive Impact of Social Media

A good tool for communication

Social networking websites serve as one of the best platforms for people to communicate and stay in touch with friends. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people based on the similar interests and views.

Improvement of technological skills

Social media networking aids in enhancing technological skills of a student. It exposes people to various diverse views pertaining to a wide range of things. It has assisted them with communication skills, and learning different cultures from people throughout the globe.

Students who use social networking can easily discuss homework and avail assistance on assignments with their peers online. Looking at the potential of social media, many of the public schools have formed a safe social network for students to let them communicate with other students.

Benefits Business Operation

Social Networking benefits people and businesses alike. Such websites enable you to market their services to a wide range of online audience. Business profiles are available for easy access on social networks. This in turn benefits business in their sound operation.

Better Connectivity

The biggest advantage of the social media is its power of “connectivity”. People from any part of the world can connect with anybody. This is the fundamental advantage of social media. Irrespective of the religion and location, social media lets you connect to anyone to share thoughts.

Aids in Learning

Social media makes it convenient for people to learn and teach people. There are professionals and experts who can guide you and enhance your knowledge without charging any fee.


Social media presents users with a lot of communities where they can discuss issues and get assistance on them. You can find several communities on social media related to religions, technology, health, fitness, cooking, entertainment etc.

Information at your finger tips

Another significant advantage of social media is that it is a vast repository of information. You can get information on current events, history, research facts, or any field specific topic easily. Unlike other media options such as printing and television, social media is unbiased and provides you the true message.

Business promotion

Social media presents a wonderful opportunity to promote business, its product and services. It is a great tool to increase your business visibility and awareness across the vast online audience. It is an inexpensive and profitable marketing strategy to grow a business.

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Negative Effects of Social Media

Emotional issues

Though social media help you connect easily with the whole world, the increased tendency of comparing with others makes them feel left out or inferior than others. Excessive use of social media makes one socially isolated and lonely than those who are not a frequent user of this technology.

It causes them substance use, aggressive behavior and depression. It is also observed that excessive use of social networks cause anxiety, depression, and mental illness in people. It adversely impacted their entire well-being too.

Ruin your Business Reputation

Social media allows full liberty to users to speak and write what their heart says. Any negative comment from any user can harm the overall reputation of a business in just a few seconds.

Reduced face to face interaction

Social networking is an instant and convenient communication channel that only requires a smartphone with a good internet connection. Due to increased communication via social media, there is seen a decline in face to face interaction between people. Such online interaction has lowered the authenticity and quality of relationships between people.

Cyber bullying

When people have all the right to write about any other person, institution, or personality, they can even misuse this right to harm the reputation and image of others. This is seen in the form of cyber bullying.


Social media has been seen to make people susceptible to depression and reduced social skills

Online threats

Users of social networking websites are prone to security attacks like hacking, sending viruses, identity theft and leaking of critical personal / business data in an organization.

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