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Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology


In the current globalized world, we are exposed to different types of technologies around us. Technological development is not restricted to a specific sector. It impacts various industries and sectors of the society. From tablets, phones and personal laptops, to advancements in science, education and medicine, technology comes in different flavors.

In comparison to old days, technology provide us improved facilities and luxuries that makes life comfortable. It is engrossed in our life to an extent that living without it is next to impossible.  However, these luxuries do not come free of cost. For some people, it is more of a risk than a boon.  The advantages and drawbacks of technology compels us to give a second thought whether it is destructive or advantageous for a common person.

Disadvantage of technology:

Lack sensitivity

Excessive involvement of people in the internet and gaming and other forms of online activities, has made them totally withdrawn from the family. They lack empathy towards their near and dear ones. Liking a picture on Instagram is different from complimenting a person in person. Failing to attend to the needs of the family, is slowly reducing the warmth of the relationship ties among people.

Hearing Loss

Headphones serve as a good source of entertainment, and many uses it at various places like gym, travelling, etc.  Though they are convenient and affordable means of communication, they can also be dangerous. Headphones that operate at a very high volume can easily reach to around 105 decibels. Listening to music at such high levels, for more than 5 minutes daily can make you susceptible to permanent loss of hearing abilities.

Digital Eye Strain

There is no doubt in saying that cell phones are an irreplaceable and essential part of our life. It serves as both a curse and a blessing. When seen in terms of healthcare, use of this device has proved to be dangerous. Constant looking at screens causes short-sightedness, reduced concentration and lowered body movement.

Prolonged use of tablets, cellphones and computers leads to eye strain. Some of the signs of it includes:

  • blurred vision
  • headaches
  • dry eyes
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • Factors such as screen glare, improper viewing distance and bad lighting.

Health experts advise that there should be twenty seconds of break after every 20 minutes of exposure to technological devices. Also, it is advised to keep 20 feet distance between you and the technological device.

Using a smartphone continuously can lead you to pain in the shoulder, neck and spine. It can cause musculoskeletal issues in a person. Use of technology for more than prescribed time limit results in repetitive injuries of the thumbs, wrists and fingers due to strain. In this way, overuse and incorrect use of technology is harmful for the body.

Sleep issues

People are so addicted to using technology that they don’t even leave using these devices in their bedroom. This causes interference with sleep in numerous ways. As per the recent study, it is concluded that use of tech devices before reaching bed impacts the sleep on physiological and psychological levels.

Exposure to the “blue light” emitted by the devices show that it suppresses production of melatonin in the body and disturbs the circadian clock of a person. Due to which it makes it difficult for people to fall asleep. Due to inferior quality of sleep, it makes them less alert, lethargic and irritable in the morning.

Less creativity

Overuse of technology is seen to reduce the creativity skills in a person. He loses his ability to imagine or think deeply about any subject. Lack of emotional reaction and social skill are the drawbacks of technology. It leads to social isolation that is seen as reduced communication with friends, less involvement in social activities, and at the workplace.

Lack of privacy

Technology leads to loss of privacy. As everything is visible in Facebook, other people can easily find out the address and communication information of a person in just a few clicks. Phishing, hacking and viruses can also be used to find out any information pertaining to a person.

Greenhouse effect

Computers, laptops, mobile devices and other technological gadgets require high amount of energy. This leads to increase in emission of greenhouse gases in the environment.

Positive effects of technology:

Effective communication

Technology makes communication easier among people. With the help of video calls, voice calls, social media, instant messaging, Skype, etc. instant communication is possible. Also, when compared with older times, technology has made the communication affordable and simple.


Technology has opened the doorway to online learning. Now, students can avail online courses from the comfort of their home. Various recognized universities now provide online degree to students without the need to attend the college. This is realized through online learning sessions.

Makes shopping hassle free, affordable and quick

With the increasing use of internet, a lot of shopping brands have opened their ecommerce retail stores. Online shopping makes shopping effortless and enjoyable experience for everyone. Availability of items at wholesale price help people save a lot on shopping.

Improved transportation

With technology, it is easier for people to cover larger distance easily, affordably and quickly. People can now reach a different country easily, that was not possible in olden times.

Medicinal Advancements

Better diagnosis of diseases and their treatments are one of the benefits of technology. It assists health applications to track severe ailments and communicate important information to doctors. There are health applications that enables its users to track diet, mental health information and exercise. One can use e-medical records to get access to test results. It also enables them to fill prescriptions, make virtual visit to doctor, get online education, ease and research.


Technology is an eminent part of our daily life. Though it poses a few negative effects, it also provides a wide range of positive benefits in areas of education, general welfare and health. Learning about these impacts help in taking steps to recognize and reduce them so that you can make the most out of its positive impacts.