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Positive and negative effects of TikTok


Tik Tok is a popular app that delivers interesting and unique special effects to create wonderful short duration videos. It is a home-made application developed by the Bamboo Curtain country. Teenagers have a lot extremely crazy for this application. This has led to addiction in them and a few other issues too. In this article, we will look at both the pros and cons of TikTok application on youths.

Overview of Tik Tok application

TikTok has been a source of fame to several thousands of teenagers in the world. With this app, users can create fifteen seconds of videos that gives them recognition and popularity. This social network has become highly downloaded app on Apple app store defeating giants such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

TikTok is owned by China’s company ByteDance, that boasts five hundred million users as recorded in June 2019. This application is rated as a perfect capable app that combines Image Capture and Artificial Intelligence. It capitalizes on short-duration creative content by its community and design.

Due to the increasing popularity of this app among teenagers and youths, Tiktok has achieved a high rating in the Google Play Store. This app provides opportunities to create creative ultrashort videos to countless teenagers throughout the world.

Benefits of TikTok:

Tiktok offers a wide range of benefits to its users. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Wholesome entertainment

The major advantage of TikTok application is that it serves as a great form of entertainment. With this application, they can dance, expand their friend’s network and hone their creative skills too. This application assures a video-sharing community that is real, raw, and without any boundaries. The developers of this application claim it to be suitable for people aged 12 and older.

Instant publicity

Who does not want to be famous? TikTok provides an awesome platform to people who wish to become famous among people without having any specialized skills or talents. This app allows every common man to make interesting music videos and gain instant publicity in society.

You don’t require any specialized equipment to create superb videos. This app does everything for you. The content you create has the potential to engage users and become viral.

Disadvantages of TikTok application:

Having known the benefits of TikTok application, we will now discuss the negative effects caused due to its misuse.

Cause nuisance

Though the developers of this application, has made this app to provide innocent fun, it has become an annoyance in the society. It has slowly become the requirement of every teen. They have got increasingly dependent on it. The addiction of the application among youth has created a lot of tension among their parents. Constant use of this application has become a pain more than enjoyment for people.

Waste of time

This application is seen to be a time-waster. People unnecessarily spend a lot of time in creating music videos. The time they put in creating these videos when invested in learning any new skill or knowledge can prove to be a lot more advantageous to them in the future.

In place of playing sports, focusing on their life, or prioritizing their study and career in their golden years, they are addicted to these meaningless apps. It brings no addition of value to their thought processing.

Used as a harassment tool 

Some people use this application to make fun of people, community, religion, etc. It has been no more than a source of harmless fun. TikTok application is also used by people as a means to portray others in a bad light. Recently there has been released a music video where people have made a prayer video with hilarious dance that makes fun of Islam religion.

Inadequate content

Parents are worried about their inappropriate content. A majority of them are shocked to see their little angels in indecent sexual proposals and poses that do not suit their age. Looking at the privacy risks and mature content, the age limit to use of this application should be a minimum of sixteen years.

As the age limit to access this app is very low, most of the people will lie about their age. By increasing the age limit, a thousand people will be removed from this platform. This is a great measure by the government to curb the exponential growth of TikTok.

Parents do not like their young girls singing along the beats of sexually explicit lyrics. This is degrading to women. Also, the surging fame of the app among young girls exposes them to disturbing comments and potential abuse, while serving as a hunting place for sexual predators. Girls using this app have also been asked for their contact details or to post provoking pictures of them.

Whether teens do it for a genuine career or fun, this app comes with risky consequences. Thus, in our opinion, TikTok has created more harm than a positive impact on people.

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