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Positive And Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay


From kids to adult, everyone loves to play video games. These interesting applications are seen to be the favorite past time for people. With the rise in the processing ability, the contemporary video games have become a lot more innovative and loaded with plenty of graphics. The introduction of these power-driven devices has transformed the entire gaming concept. Though, the video games are seen to be highly beneficial, they have a few disadvantages too. Let us understand the positive and negative impact of video games in detail.

250 words Positive And Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay

Positive impact of Video games:

Better cognitive thinking:

Children who play video games have better logical reasoning power. They excel in formulating strategies and developing methods to solve puzzles effectively and rapidly.

Enhances the motor skills:

This is another important advantage of video game seen in children. The modern gaming technology helps in improving the eye-hand coordination skills in children. Regular practice results in better motor skills that eventually makes a child successful in dealing with the real-world scenarios also.

Learns to develop strategies

Innovative gaming technology is based on developing “strategies” that forces the gamer to think outside the box. These games build creativity, logic and effective planning and execution skills in a person. These skills help him in the professional world too.

Effective management of the resources:

It has been seen that children who are regularly exposed to video games become a good resource manager. There are many strategy-based video games that teaches gamers on how to make the maximum use of the available resource.

Negative impact of Video games:


Over exposure to video games makes children addicted to it. They waste most of the time playing these games and lose touch with the real world. This also adversely impact their studies. Children who are addiction to these games are seen to become quickly irritated, argumentative, violent and moody.

Health issues

One of the major disadvantages of playing video games is the strain on eyes. Constantly looking at the screen without blinking eyes leads to loss of eye sight. Also, sitting at one posture for a long time, causes pain in neck, back, shoulders.

500 Words Positive And Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay

Development of logical and problem-solving skills

It has been seen that children who regularly play video games train their cerebrum area of brain. Stimulation of this region makes them more creative, and analytical. This makes them capable of solving puzzles and problems quickly.

Improved hand-eye coordination

Children who play video games develop fine spatial and motor skills. In shooting video games, a gamer has to point a moving character. This needs him to track the placement of the character, his speed, and the location to where he will be heading. It needs a lot of visual-spatial ability and eye-hand coordination skills to get successful.  Video games help people learn spatial, and visual skills.

Improved resource planning and management

There are a lot of video games that teaches a player to manage limited resources and then make the best use of them. This is one such skill that can help a person throughout this life. It teaches a player to do effective planning, use and management of finite resources.


Another important skill that video games teaches to people is multitasking. This skill is learnt mostly while playing strategy-based video games. A player learns tracking of several shifting variables as well as managing them. It forces a player to remain flexible and also rapidly change its playing tactics. Video games helps a player to focus, learn, and multitask.

Quick decision-making skills

Video games teaches a player to make quick analysis of situation and based on that form quick decisions. The ability to take right decisions at the right time is an important skill that is learned especially when playing action games. It can be a training tool to train a player to deal with stressful situations without losing his calm. It is beneficial in real-world situations too.


Action games trains the brain of a player to make quick and accurate decisions without any loss of accuracy.

Taking risks

Sometimes you need to take little risks in life. While playing video games, a player has to face situations wherein he has to get the courage to take risks.

Negative effects of video games:

Lose awareness:

Children are often seen to become so much engrossed in the game, that they get disconnected from the real world. Their life is limited to the small box and the game. This builds addiction in them towards these games. If it continues for a longer time, then it can harm their academic performance and can even lead to development of behavioral issues.

Discarding relations:

Being preoccupied in video games can harm their relationship with people in real world. They spend all their time on video games and fail to fulfill their obligations towards their family and friends.

Health issues:

Playing a video game doesn’t require any bodily movement as happens in any outdoor sport. The result is that excessive exposure to video games makes a child obese. This happens because a child sits at one place for longer time. There are chances of some other health issues to crop up such as strain in eyes and body pain.