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Positive And Negative Effects Of X-Rays


X-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation. It is produced naturally when high energy electronically charged particles strike a material such as bones and muscular structure of a person. These rays serve as an important imaging and diagnostic tool that has been used for several years till date. X-ray is useful for imaging the bones of people that assists doctors to save innumerable lives in the process.

As an X-ray treatment involves penetration of radiations at the patient, scientists have also shown concerns related to the health consequences of X-rays. This significant imaging tool comes with both negative and positive impacts. Let us learn about them.

Positive effects of X Rays

Here are some of the benefits of X-Ray treatment.

Diagnostic tool:

X-rays serve as a major diagnostic tool for identifying different types of fractures. It is a precise and an effective way to capture pictures of limbs to locate any fracture. Doctors even use this technology frequently to determine dental fracture and dental decay. The effective diagnosis that the technology offers has been significant in saving the life of people.

Determination of Fractures:

X-rays is very much impressive in determination of any fracture in the limb of the person. A simple imaging provides a detailed examination of the body part. This technology has now become more advanced. Doctors can obtain a three-dimensional image that results in an efficient diagnosis.

Determination of Tumors:

X-rays are helpful in the determination of tumors in the person. Immediate and accurate diagnosis aids doctors in identifying the problem at initial stages and providing immediate relief to them.


One of the important advantages of X-rays is that it is very affordable. It does not cost a lot. A middle-class person can also afford this treatment. Where the cost of medical treatments is getting high and outside the reach, X-Rays are still considered as the best tool for effective diagnosis and enhancement of the overall health of a person.


Another advantage of an X-ray treatment is that it can assist in the diagnose of any medical issue or supervise progression of treatment without any requirement of inserting any device in patient’s body to check him.


X-rays are generally considered safe when used in very low amounts. There are no chances of risks of cancer in such a case. The risk occurs only when a person is treated with more than specified value or “threshold” of radiation.


X-rays can assist medical professionals to insert stents, catheters, or any other device in the patient. It can even assist in the tumor treatment and elimination of blood lumps and other types of obstructions.

Negative effects of X-rays

Overexposure to X-Rays can be harmful for the body. These are a few disadvantages of an X-Ray treatment.

Can lead to cancer

X-rays are a type of an electromagnetic radiation that has the capability to pass through your body as well as a few objects. Exposure to high dosage of X-rays damages the body cells and can also cause tumors.

These rays can even lead to mutations in the DNA. This can also be the reason for cancer. Scientists believe that an increase in the use of CT scans, increases the probability of getting cancer.

Brittle Bones

Many believe that when X-rays passes through the body, then bones start to absorb the radiation. Regular exposure to these radiations cause bones to get stiff and hard with passing time.  X-rays often get absorbed by your bones. It can make your body calcium deficient with passing time. Continuous exposure to these radiations can result in the development of brittle bones that can break with passing time.

Radiation sickness:

Another notable disadvantage of X-rays is that it can lead to radiation sickness in the person. Though, the extent of it depends on the level of radiation to which a person is exposed. The more the person is exposed to these rays, the more he is going to experience its side effects such as hair falling, skin rashes, diarrhea, modifications to DNA, cancer and mutations.

Dry mouth:

Dry mouth is another side effect of getting exposed to x-rays. Mostly, this condition occurs, when the head of the person is examined with x-rays. Besides dry mouth, a person can experience problems to swallow his food.

Unsafe for children:

X-Rays are not safe for the use on children. There are chances that CT scans can cause a lot of damage to children. Chest and abdomen CT scans can increase the chances of leukemia, and brain cancer. So, before performing X-rays on a child, it is very important to discuss its advantages and side effects properly.