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Positive And Negative Effects Of YouTube


YouTube is an open platform for everyone. One can upload anything on this social media website. Users share whatever they get to see on this website and create videos that are spread across various social networking channels. In this manner, YouTube serves as a positive outlet for viewers who can form communities and exchange ideas online on the basis of their mutual interests. This liberty of expression, and ease of making social connections can result in both negative and positive experiences in people. In this article, we are going to highlight the advantages and drawbacks of YouTube.

Positive effect of YouTube channel

It makes people smart

YouTube has everything that you need to know how to live life. You can learn any new language, hone your personality, marketing strategies, develop any hobby etc. This are thousands of videos available online that will help you learn them.

The best means to satisfy your curiosities

Whatever you need to know, you can easily learn by watching YouTube videos. YouTube is a large repository of videos that help you find anything that you need to know. You can satisfy any query you have in your mind, just by watching YouTube videos.

Saves money

YouTube is seen to be an innovative tool to learn new things. With the guidance of videos, you can learn cooking, art and craft, dance, repairing a damaged item. a new language or any other skill / subject. So, you save money from paying on hefty tuition fee.

Less boredom

Watching YouTube on your mobile is a great way to relieve yourself from the boredom. It is a good way to spend your free time productively in the way to enhance your skills. YouTube can be an easy and inexpensive form of entertainment. Many people find it better than going to a movie, or any other entertainment method.

Improved career prospects

YouTube has resulted in creation of several sources of income and job. It has started off as a great platform to upload spontaneous videos that you can capture by being at the right time and right place.

More and more people have dedicated lives for the creation of content only for uploading. Even children have made multi-million dollars by making presence on YouTube. This type of creative economy has opened opportunities for people to earn an income in front as well as behind the camera.

Negative effects of YouTube


Though, we are exposed to countless videos, there is no surety that the information provided on the channel is true. There is no assurance that the person who is teaching in the video is an expert. It also does not ensure that you will get a grasp on what is conveyed to you through the media.

Somethings are better learned at the training center than from a YouTube channel. This goes with learning exercises, or yoga. You do not know that the person who is teaching you is expert or not in that field. Any misinformation or bad conduct can cause you health issues later.

More screen time cause health issues

With the growing popularity of YouTube, people are seen to spend more time with their eyes glued to screens. Too much of screen time negatively impacts your vision. It can even cause you back ache, neck pain too.

YouTube kills productivity

Though YouTube has created job for many, it has also taken away the efficiency and productivity of people. Many of the streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, and other types of mobile games, apps, and streaming services, apps, has led to reduction in productivity.

No supervision

There is no supervision of the content that is presented on YouTube channel. It is causing a negative impact on children as well as teenagers. These innocent minds have no maturity of what is right and wrong. By getting exposed to the things that are not appropriate for their age, it results in diminishing their thinking abilities. Wrong information can damage their life as well.  


Everyone has their personal opinion of how they perceive YouTube. To some, it is a great place to watch innumerable videos on a variety of subjects, and embrace media influence. To others, it is platform that needs to be supervised, and regulated by a centralized authority to maintain it. It is important for people to understand the manner in which media is impacted by YouTube. They should make wise and matured choices to share what they see or learn on YouTube channel.