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Positive negative effects of PubG game


PUBG is a digital multiplayer battle brought by Bluehole Corporation. It has drawn a lot of attention and popularity from people worldwide. Everyone is fond to play this game. However, the craze for this fabulous game has become a serious concern in the society.

There are a few gamers who have got addicted to it so much that it gives rise to development of physical and mental health in gamers. According to the recent researches done on this game it has been found that this game results in both negative and positive effect on players. It becomes very important to become aware of these effects of PUBG game before you play it.

What is PUBG game?

PUBG is a multi-player shooting video game that allows players to play in solo, squad or duo. Players have to search for medical supplies, weapons, guard, scope, bag and various other resources in the selected location on the map. The player who stands till the last moment undefeated wins the match.

There is a lot of hype on social media about this game. Several pages on social media have been made to publicize this game to encourage more and more people play this game.

The Positive effects of PUBG

Improves alertness and co-ordination

PUBG is a shooting game where the character might be shooting and running at the same time. This needs the real-world gamer to track the position of the character, to find where he or she will be heading, where the ammunition is pointing so that it hits the foe, matching his speed, searching for the foe as well as saving himself.

All these factors have to be considered. A player needs to coordinate his reaction and interpretation of brain with the movement of the fingertips and hands. In this way, playing PUBG games enhances co-ordination skills in the player.

Improve cognitive abilities

To play and succeed in this game, a player requires better visual-spatial capability and eye-hand coordination. According to research done on the effect of this game, PUBG helps in improving targeting skills, and thinking abilities in a person.

Negative effects of PUBG Game:

There are a few adverse effects associated with PUBG game.  Let us learn about them in detail.

Increases violent tendencies in a person

PUBG is a shooting game where the gamer uses guns and other ammunition to kill the enemy. The main aim of the player is to keep a constant track of the enemy and kill him. PUBG has been inspected as a violent game. Due to the excessive violence involved in this game, can cause aggressive emotions, behavior and thoughts that, in turn, impacts the mental state of a player.

It makes one addict

Excessive playing PUBG game reduces productivity in a player. It makes a person addicted to this video game. This is not good for mental health of a person. It increases depression, stress and anxiety levels in a person. Whosoever is addicted to it tends to feel destructive tendencies inside.


Another disadvantage of playing PUBG game is that it makes less social. This happens because a person loves to spend playing this game all the time. They neither want to go out and socialize with others nor want to spend time with family. Their life gets confined to this video game. Such addiction adversely impacts their personality, behavioral skills and communication abilities.

It promotes poor physical health.

Sitting at one place and playing the game for long hours continuously does not do any good to a person. It harms the overall physical health of a person. One becomes lazy. Also, constant staring at the computer screen for prolonged time without blinking can even reduce eyesight and lead to headaches.

Affects mental health

PUBG video game is addictive. It can lead to development of mental disorders in a person. People who have got addicted to this game finds themselves to get easily stressed out. Due to less social interaction they suffer from anxiety issues in public setting.

Disrupts sleep pattern

One PUBG game takes around one hour. This shows that it is a time-consuming game. Sitting alert and focused constantly gazing on the computer screen for a long period makes one tired and restless.

Players who have got addicted to this game have seen to miss out on their sleep just to play one after another. This disrupts their sleep and impacts their mental and physical performance on the next day. Due to lack of sleep, they become moody, irritating, annoying and tired. This impacts their daily working and productivity at workplace.

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