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Essay on the Popularity of Sports in the US


Sports in the US have gained a lot of appreciation and popularity. Due to the craze for sports, it has become an integral part of the life of every citizen of the US. In Olympic games and international sports, the US has always seen to occupy the top places in most of the sports.

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For generations, people in America have adored sports. Being an affluent country with vast infrastructure, people find several opportunities for the development of sports. The increased popularity of sports in the US takes competition beyond expectations. It is not just a source of entertainment, but a career-options too for youths.

The US is regarded as a birthplace for several games and sports. Most of the popular ones being baseball, basketball, and rugby. Though, the national game of America is soccer and baseball. but people also play other sports like rugby with great enthusiasm and interest. Since the 1960 Olympics to Olympics 2020, this country has demonstrated mass participation in all of these grand events.

Further sports events from the US are viewed the world over. Key sports events are conducted in the country to bring athletes close to people. Many of the top-performing sportspeople from all across the world are allured to settle to the US. With an outstanding sports performance and a long history, this trend will continue on and on.

The vast coastline assists in the development of beach sports and water sports games such as beach volleyball. In the field of athletics, the US performs marvelously good. They hold rugby, basketball, boxing, marathon, and baseball competitions every week in a few areas of each state.

Right from the old schooling years, children are motivated to participate in sports. The negligible corruption among sports administration system also assists in the rise of sports in the US. Dedicated sports staff and adequate play hours are assigned to educational institutions to boosts sports culture since childhood. The significance and love for sports are also apparent from a large number of Hollywood movies that are made on sports.

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The word “Sport” has different meanings for the people of America. To some, it is a feeling of togetherness while sitting with the family and watching favorite baseball players hitting home runs. To others, it may be a delight a watch their favorite role models and nurturing their hopes to become like them. Whatever be the case, sportsman and athletes hold a significant place in the heart of every American and the US.

Sports in the US form an eminent part of the culture of this country. It is a grand opportunity for all of them who live in the US. Participating in a different kind of organized sports has been a childhood ritual for every child in the United States. It is difficult to find an American youth who isn’t participating in any kind of sport. A majority of today’s youth in the US participate in several different sports. Football is the most famous and admired sport in the United States that is followed by soccer, basketball, and baseball. Tennis, hockey, auto racing, golf, wrestling, field lacrosse, arena football, volleyball and box lacrosse are other significant sports in the US.

The US is a harbor of games. People from different areas of the country participate in varying types of sports activities and seal trophies. In 2016, Olympics US has earned 106 gold mementos, 99 silver mementos, and 178 bronze mementos. By these statistics, there is no doubt in saying that sports are very popular in sports.

Based on profit generation, the 4 key professional level sports leagues in the US are the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the National Football League. The market for these professional-level sports in the US is roughly around $69 billion, that is 50% higher than the sports market in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East combined.

All four have vast-ranging domestic media coverage. They are considered to be the preeminent leagues in respective sports. Three of those premier leagues consist of teams that showcase Canadian cities. All four of them are seen as the most financially rewarding sports leagues in their sports. Major League Soccer, that also comprises of Canada based teams, is ranked among the “top 5” of leagues in the world.

With an average presence of more than twenty thousand attendees per game, Major League Soccer has the 3rd highest average presence recorded in any other sports championship in the U.S. after the “National Football League” and “Major League Baseball”. Major League Soccer occupied the 7th highest attendance in professional soccer league as seen all over the world.

A distinctive and admired feature in the US is that most of the sports are associated with education. Many high schools and universities organize sports competitions that is an exceptional sporting foot-mark for the country. College sports championship play a significant role in the US sporting culture. College-level football and basketball events are as famous as professional sports in a few areas of the nation. The prime sanctioning authority for sports played on the college level is the “National Collegiate Athletic Association”.

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