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The Positive And Negative Effects Of Television


Technology is in everything that surrounds us. We live in technology. It helps in making life easier. Before the advancement of technology, television has been the primary source of entertainment for people. Nowadays almost every household has television sets.

Watching television can result in impacting your emotional and behavioral aspects of people. Where it enhances knowledge and relieves from boredom, it can also make a person violent or aggressive. This article aims at understanding the positive and negative impact of television.

Positive Effects Of Television

Learning good things

Television is not all bad. There are several informative shows that can help in keeping a person updated of current affairs in the country and the world. Educational, and values-promoted shows serve as wonderful learning resource that assist in intellectual growth of a person. There are some channels that telecast only educational content.

They cover subjects such as science, art and craft, geography, math and history. Television has also been a fabulous medium to expose a child to different regional and international languages spoken throughout the world. Also, a person can subscribe channels to learn cooking, dance, music, different academic subjects, etc. at the comfort of home. Similarly, there are channels like National Geography Channel, that educate people about animals, birds, nature etc.

Television can also help a person to learn more about sports. Watching sport programs, can help him learn the rules involved in different sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, and baseball. His knowledge about sports and the top sports personalities will also improve. This is a very healthy form of entertainment that must be encouraged by people. But, as being said, it has to be in moderation.

Alleviate depression

Sometimes depression can be due to being alone. It can be because more and more families are becoming nuclear in present age. Television can be a remedy for such people who have nobody to talk. It works as an anti-depressant method to make a person feel entertained.

If you feel depressed, then there are several shows like music, movies, comedy, soap opera etc. that can make you lively and happy. It will make a person busy and detached from sad thoughts, old memories etc. Watching such shows can even encourage a person to learn new skills and this can reduce depression to a considerable extent.

Exposure to different cultures

Television helps you to travel the entire world without requiring you to step out of the home. There are various channels that takes you through different cities in the world and educates people about their culture, food, traditions, lifestyle, festival, religion etc. If you a keen interest to learn about different places in the world, then television can be one of the best ways to increase your knowledge about different cultures.

Television Is A Source Of Inspiration

There are documentary shows that are dedicated to artists, scientists, and other public celebrities who have been known in the history for their commendable works. Such presentations inspire people to do good deeds and achieve a lot in their life. A few shows organize a debate on the burning problems in the society and what each citizen can do to resolve it.

Negative Effects Of Television

Just like any other technology, television can also prove destructive when you don’t use it in the right way. Limited and right exposure can help you save from these side effects.

Violence tendencies

Children are not mature enough to choose the right channel to watch. Watching inappropriate content can adversely impact their innocent minds. It can bring changes in their interaction and behavior. One of the common examples is watching violent shows. Such programs make a child attracted to weapons and enact the scenes in the real life. He imbibes the same indecent language and use it in daily life. Not just the language but the mind also gets spoilt. It can make a child violent, unsympathetic, and aggressive that can damage his relations with people.

Reduces Physical Activity

Addiction to television lowers the physical activity in a child. Sitting at one place with eyes glued to the television screen not just makes one obese, but also prone to vision problems and body ache.

Poor Social Development

Television makes a child anti-social. A person who likes to watch television doesn’t feel the need to interact with others. This, in turn, affect his social development. Television negatively impacts their ability to communicate with people. It takes away the abilities to understand others and make one dull and boring.

Alters brain structure

Research has shown that excessive watching of television modifies the brain structure. Watching television more than two hours in a day results in behavioral issues and poor mental development.