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Use of Artificial Intelligence in daily life


Not many people are aware of “Artificial Intelligence”, however, they use this technology in day to day life. Whether you are reading an email, starting your new business or getting driving directions, AI helps people in every aspect of life. Let us learn about ways in which this technology is used in day-to-day activities.

Improves Email Communications

  • Gmail Filters

Artificial Intelligence provides better mailing experience to users. Google uses this technology to ensure that all emails that land into the inbox of its users are genuine. Its email filters help in sorting out emails into different categories such as:

  • Primary
  • Promotions
  • Social
  • Forums
  • Updates
  • Spam

This program organizes emails so that it becomes fast and easy for users to perform quick communications. If any mail content is found to be suspicious, Gmail marks it “spam” and sends it into the spam folder. As per Google, AI-powered email filtering prevents around 99% of spam emails from reaching into the inbox.

  • Smart Email Replies

This is another utility of Artificial Intelligence in Gmail. Smart replies provide a quick way to users to respond to emails. This can happen with phrases such as “Thanks!”, and “Let’s do it!” with just a click of a button.

Smart replies and suggestions are tailored in accordance with the content of emails. Users can either type their response manually or choose a quick smart reply. These replies imitate your personal writing style. It does a remarkable job of mirroring the manner in which you would genuinely respond.

Artificial Intelligence Improves Social Media

Artificial intelligence helps users to find and communicate with business associates and friends. Some of the methods in which it benefits social media users are:


Artificial Intelligence helps in matching the right candidates to jobs. This increases the chances of creating better employer-employee matches.


The lens tool of Pinterest makes use of Artificial Intelligence to recognize objects in pictures. In a few cases, one can also find the seller of a product. This will help them to buy the item.


The ability to decipher phrases and words by Chatbots is another important use of Artificial Intelligence in improving social media experience. This aids in delivering beneficial content to people who have common queries. Sometimes, chatbots are so accurate as if you are talking to a person.

This happens because chatbots try to imitate natural language, and simulate conversations while assisting in performing routine works such as booking appointments, answering billing questions and taking orders.

Facebook Proactive Detection

Another use of AI is seen on Facebook in its proactive detection feature. With this feature, it scans posts to find out any patterns that look if a user wants to harm himself. One of the examples is the detection of suicidal thinking patterns of a person. If any harmful sign is identified, then the AI-driven program provides mental health materials and resources to that person to save him from any self-harm.

  • Helps With Web Searches

AI is also found to be useful with Google searches in the following ways:

Google Predictive Searches

When you start to type any search term, you may get a few recommendations to choose from. This happens due to Artificial Intelligence coming into play in Google’s search engine. Using this technology, the search engine tries to make a guess of what you might be searching for.

  • Google’s Algorithm

The objective of Google’s algorithm is to provide the best result to the browser. To accomplish it, Google uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the content quality and match it to the query of the user.

Improves Shopping Experience at Online Stores

Product Recommendations

Online shopping stores like Amazon etc. use Artificial Intelligence to collect information about the buying habits and preferences of users. On this basis, they customize their buying experience by suggesting them new products that are tailored to suit their habits.

Music services also use AI services to keep track of listening habits. This information helps a user to get suggestions of other songs that they would be interested to hear. Spotify provides suggestions in regards to new discoveries, old favorites, and new releases based on the listening habits of the user.

Google Play is another music app that provides personalized recommendations for music. Its AI-driven suggestions consider factors such as time of day and weather to provide music that sets the mood for activities.

Mobile Banking

AI is also widely used by several banks to personalize their experience on mobile applications. Users are provided personalized notifications as:

  • Bill pay reminders
  • Transfer prompts
  • Pre-overdraft alerts

Fraud Prevention in Financial Institutions

Financial institutions like banks use Artificial Intelligence by sending mobile notifications and alerts to prevent people against fraud.