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Use Of Biology In Our Daily Life


Biology is an interesting field of science. Complex biological concepts have been niggling people since times immemorial. Our existence on this planet is due to biology. Whether we are eating, sleeping or doing any work, it is because of the complex biological reactions happening in each cell in our body. Right from the moment, we are born, biology is playing a significant role in our life. Let us discuss some important everyday examples of biology in our daily life.


The food that we eat is the outcome of agriculture. Fruits, grains, vegetables, oils, pulses, sugar, honey, coffee, tea, and more are obtained from the plants. Scientists study the occurrence, complex nature, and life-cycle of the pests using biotechnological methods to obtain better quantity and quality of the crops. Pollination is responsible for the flowers to sprout. Seeds are obtained due to the same principle.

Food and Drinks

Food is one of the essential things of life that is important for the survival of living beings. Without it, life isn’t feasible. Food is obtained from animals and plants. Microbes help in the formation of dairy items such as curd, yogurt, and cheese. The bacteria “Lactobacillus” assists in obtaining curd from milk.

Wine is produced from grapes via the same process. There are also a few kinds of biological processes and microbes that indirectly aids in the manufacture of food. The microorganisms in the soil work as a decomposing agent. It helps in the manufacture of the compost using decayed and dead organic matter. This compost works as a beneficial fertilizer for the growth of plants.

Health and Medicine

Now next use of biology is seen in the area of healthcare. On getting sick, we usually consult a doctor. We get medicines and get back to work. But, do you know how these medicines are made? Here also biology has a significant role to play. It is only due to biology that the research of several disease-causing microorganisms is made possible. Researchers have explored the complicated nature of the microbes, their existence, reproduction, propagation, and life-cycle. With this research, they arrive at effective measures to control the prevention of the disease. The manufacture of medicines for fighting the disease-causing bacteria is also made possible due to their biological study.

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Like air, water, and food, clothes are another very essential element of our life. Biology plays a significant role in manufacturing fabrics that saves you from the chilling cold weather or scorching summer heat. Fabrics like cotton, nylon, and linen are obtained from plants. Wool is acquired from sheep. Polyester is obtained from fossils. The process of obtaining these fabrics also involves biology.

Stem cells

Stem cells reproduce quickly. These cells are of utmost importance as they develop into different kinds of cells, such as muscle cell, cardiac cell, nerve cell, etc. This replica or conversion of one cell into multiple cells is also a biological process. A human being begins his life as a single cell. After endless cell divisions, it gets build into multi-cellular organisms. These cells also work in the same way.

Stem cells can replace the broken organs and tissues of the body and also rectify the inefficient functioning of organs. These cells help scientists to build new medicines to treat various types of diseases. Thus, biology helps in saving the life of people.

Environment and Ecosystem

Biology has helped us to understand the diverse range of interactions that happen between the environment and the organisms. Studying these interactions at the biological level provide us useful insights. A biological study of a human body helps in understanding the human sociology and psychology too.

Study of ecosystems helps us in identifying the dangers that can happen to the earth and the ecosystem. Once we learn about these dangers, we are in a position to deal with them effectively to conserve our planet.

Fueling Earth

Due to the advantage over non-renewable energy sources, more and more people are opting for renewable energy sources. Most of the world still functions on fossil fuels, that includes oil and coal. Fossil fuels such as natural gas and petroleum are derived from the decaying and dead biological matter.

Next-Generation Biofuels

Due to fast exhaustion of fossil-fuels, the production of the bio-fuels has increased. This fuel is used in diesel generators and engines. Ethanol, made from plant sugars, which when combined with gasoline helps in improving fuel efficiency.

Various types of biofuels are currently used in the form of derivatives of corn, algae, rapeseed oil, sugar beets, and wheat. Use of these new-generation biofuels helps in combating carbon emission and pollution.