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Use of Mathematics in daily life


Mathematics is very useful in our day to day life. Use of mathematics helps us in performing numerous tasks with great precision and ease. In this article, we will learn about a few uses of mathematics in daily life.

Management of money

One of the common uses of mathematics is money management. These skills will help you manage money. With the help of mathematics skills, they can easily calculate simple and compound interest. These skills are valuable in managing money and growing it up.

Mathematics help people to calculate which bank is giving better interest on their investment for a specific period. It will assist in deciding which credit card and loans charge a low rate of interest. In this way, mathematics helps them in better management of money.

Recreational Sports

Trigonometry and Geometry are the two areas of mathematics that can assist your children to enhance their skills in sports. The basics of mathematics help in finding the best method to hit a ball, or run around the track. Fundamental knowledge of mathematics aids in tracking score in their favorite game.

In cricket, math will help them in calculating how many runs a player has scored, how many balls are left in an over, how many runs the team has to make to win, etc. When you possess math skills, your game-watching experience becomes more enjoyable and exciting.

Home Decoration and Remodeling

To buy furniture or a home décor accessory like curtains, doors, windows, etc., it requires taking an exact measurement of the place where it will be kept. House furnishing firms have to know that the dimension of rugs and furnishings matches to the area of the room. Math skills help in calculating the dimensions of a space.

These skills are also helpful at the time of remodeling your furniture and apartments. It helps the teen to figure out how much paint is needed to buy at the time of repainting a room.

Math is important for a person to install new tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. Learning the right way to calculate the perimeter of a house assists your child to decide how much lumber is needed for remodeling your ceiling and/or floor.


Cooking is another important area where you commonly use mathematics. It requires you to add every single ingredient in the right quantity. Incorrect ratios and proportions of ingredients will fail to prepare the dish in the right way.  Math help in precise measurement of cooking ingredients to prepare the right dish. These skills help the cook to represent the right amount with the help of standard measuring units.


Another significant area to use math skills is in shopping. Knowledge of math will help you calculate the price of your products. From houses, and vehicles, to electronics, and groceries, buying decisions need some level of understanding of your budget, the cost of product and affordability. Math skills help in comparing a product among different stores to offer the best product that suits your budget.

Short-term decisions require learning about the cash in hand, but expensive products need knowledge of amortization charts and interest rates. Also, these days many stores come up with discount offers on the product price. By using math, you can calculate the product price that you need to pay after the discount. This will help you calculate your savings and form a better buying decision.

Shopping stores come with another important option to attract buyers, i.e., EMI. With math skills, you can easily determine EMI for any product. It will help you decide which store is offering the best financing for your food items.

Taking medicines

Math is also used at the time of taking medicines. People who are on medication have to take medicine in the right dosages. Overdosage can cause dangerous repercussions while under dosage can fail in getting relief from the trouble. Mathematics help them measure the right dosage in differing units such as in milliliters or grams.

In calculating house expense

Calculation of monthly household budget is an essential task performed by almost every householder. Keeping a list of earnings and expenses will assist you to track your budget. It will help you know whether you are saving or incurring a loss.

Getting a new dress stitched

Another use of mathematics is at the time of stitching a dress. To make the best fitting dress, it is important to take the proper measurement of different areas of the body. Knowledge of mathematics helps you accomplish this task efficiently.


These are some of the important areas in daily life that require mathematical skills. Knowledge of math help you take better decisions in life, that in turn helps in making life easier.