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Use of science in daily life


A lot of the things that we do in our life involves science in it. From using a calculator to operating a washing machine, or watching television, our whole world is made of science. It is ingrained in every inch of our body. Its numerous inventions have made it convenient for us to perform our day to day tasks more comfortably and efficiently than ever. Life without science is next to impossible.

Without science and its innovations, the society will reach the stone age and we won’t be able to live a cultured and classy life. Imagine life without daily necessities such as fuel, electricity, vehicles, etc. incomplete right? So, here we have discussed some applications of science in our daily life.

In the field of Communication

Science has played a key role in communication. Today, there are different types of technological gadgets that help in easy and quick communication irrespective of your place in the world. Introduction of landlines, internet services, and mobile phones has revolutionized communication.

Telephone, GPS systems, Laptops, Notebook, iPad, Telefax, etc. are all a gift of science to us. Our life revolves around these technological systems. These inventions have brought the world closer to us. It has made the transfer and sharing of information simple and quick between two corners of the world.

In the field of Cooking

Another important area that has greatly impacted by science is cooking. Heat energy is converted to radiation, convection, and conduction to cook food. Once this energy passes the ingredients like, sugar, salt, or any other edible material in the cooking vessel, it then starts to break bonds and create new bonds that make delightful food.

In this way, cooking is a process that involves physics and chemistry. To prepare the perfect dish, it needs the right ratio of ingredients. Therefore, Math also plays a significant role here.

When the food enters into the body, then several chemical reactions get initiated in the body. The role of these chemical reactions is to properly digest and assimilate food and generate energy.

After these chemical reactions, the food interacts with other cells present in the body which then transfer the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the food to different areas of the body through several mechanisms. In this way, the entire process of consumption of food to its conversion into energy involves chemistry and biology.

Another example of the use of science in daily life is the formation of an ice cube. It is a perfect example of freezing and melting. The condensation and evaporation process involved in cooking proves the presence of science all around us.

In the field of Machines

Beginning from a simple calculator to operating high-end home-based appliances, science is a vital part of our whole existence. We experience science right from the time when we get up using an alarm clock to carrying out home and official tasks through the day.

Whatever electronic appliances we use during the day, are all based on the principles of science.  Whether it is a washing machine, a refrigerator, a mixer grinder, a television, a computer, etc. science is the underlying phenomena that make them work and simplifies our life.

Science is extensively used in the working of household appliances. Some of the other fascinating uses of science, where basic concepts of science are used are:

  • Mixer and Juicer, where electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy. The operation of these devices makes use of the centrifugal force.
  • Refrigerator operates by converting electrical energy to heat energy that results in cooling.

Source of energy

The invention of atomic energy laid a foundation for the invention of other advanced forms of energy that is used in daily life. Electricity is one of the most important outcomes of this innovation. It has given power to man to convert nights into days to work longer. The radio and television provide us relaxation and entertainment that are also the favors of science.

In the field of Medicine

The advancement in science has treated hundreds of ailments and diseases. From heart transplants to chemotherapy, and various other critical medical processes became successful only due to scientific innovations. With the help of X-Ray, doctors can easily view what is present inside the body that is a notable invention of science.

In the field of Automobiles

Another important use of science in daily life is in the vehicles we drive. The burning of fuel to provide energy to the vehicle is also a scientific process called “combustion”. The transformation of heat into mechanical energy and electrical energy involves physics and chemistry.


Science is omnipotent and omnipresent in every walk of life. It is a great blessing to the entire mankind. With all these benefits, it makes it evident that science has contributed significantly in enhancing the quality of life.