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Essay on global warming


Global warming is referred to as the slow increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Global warming quickly melts ice glaciers. This is very dangerous to not just the planet but also human beings. Let us see more on global warming in detail.

250 words Essay on global warming

Global warming is an environmental concern that the world is facing today. Global warming is a phenomenon of a steady and continuous process of increase in the overall temperature of Earth.  Its effect is directly seen in the form of the increasing sea levels, melting glaciers and ice caps, sudden change of climate that puts the life of a common man in danger.

Increase in the global warming results in the more evaporation of water from the Earth into the atmosphere. This evaporation takes the form of greenhouse gas that causes an increase in the global warming phenomenon. Other procedures such as combustion of fossil fuels, usage of fertilizers, increase in gases such as CFC’s, nitrous oxide and tropospheric ozone are a few reasons for global warming. The ultimate reason for global warming is the advancement in technology, increasing industrial expansion, population explosion, urbanization, deforestation, etc.

Due to these reasons, we disturb the natural procedures like the global carbon cycle. Global warming results in the formation of a hole in the ozone layer. This enables the harmful UV rays to reach the earth’s atmosphere and thus increasing global warming.

Plants are the ultimate source to remove the excess of carbon dioxide gas from the air and create an ecological balance. Thus, by stopping the destruction of trees and encouraging people to plant more trees can help in getting success to lower global warming to a significant level. In addition to stopping deforestation, population control is another important way to reduce global warming throughout the world. When the population is controlled, it will lessen the use of damaging technologies on the planet.

500 words Essay on global warming

Global warming adversely affects the biodiversity, ecological balance, and climatic conditions of the Earth. Greenhouse gases such as methane, CO2, etc. are the major reasons for the increase in global warming.

As per the statistics, it is observed that the entire temperature of Earth has increased to a significant level since the 20th century. This was due to the rise in the concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gas worldwide. One of the reasons behind global warming is the increasing demands of human living standards.

Such increase in the global warming results in the sudden disasters on the planet in the form of flood, tsunami, cyclones, landslides, drought, lack of food, ice melting, epidemic diseases, an even death. Thus, an imbalance is caused to nature’s phenomenon that indicates the end of living existence on the planet.

What leads to Global Warming?

Global warming is a serious problem that requires undivided attention. To save from its harmful effects, all countries need to discuss this issue and take immediate measures to stop its effects. It doesn’t happen just because of a single reason, but a combination of various reasons. Reasons for causing global warming are both manmade and natural. The natural reasons for its occurrence being the slow release of greenhouses gases that can’t escape from earth and leads to an increase in temperature.

In addition to it, volcanic eruptions also contribute to global warming. Such eruptions release loads of carbon dioxide gas that causes global warming. Methane is another big issue that is accountable for causing global warming.

The excessive use of fossil fuels and automobiles leads to high levels of CO2. Activities such as cattle rearing and mining are dangerous to the environment.

Another important and commonly occurring issue is deforestation. When the biggest source of CO2 absorption will disappear, then it will become hard to regulate the gas. This will cause global warming. Immediate steps need to be taken to curb global warming and make this planet a better place to live again.

Solutions for Global Warming

Though, it is challenging to curb global warming, but not unmanageable. It starts with the identification of the problem. Understanding the reasons for global warming will assist in solving it. To save from its harmful effects, all countries need to discuss this issue and take immediate measures to stop its effects.

  • Start with the reduction in the level of greenhouse gas.
  • Supervise and control the consumption of petrol and gasoline. A hybrid car is a good alternative that lowers the release of CO2 gas. Choose carpooling or public transport that will help in reducing the consumption of gasoline. Subsequently, encourage recycling.
  • Carry your bag when going shopping.
  • Limit the usage of power to prevent the release of CO2.
  • The government should take action to control industrial waste. Prohibit them from producing destructive greenhouse gases in the air. Strict measures to stop deforestation should be taken. Tree plantation or afforestation should be encouraged.

These little steps on our part can help in reducing global warming and saving our planet from destruction.