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Essay on music

Music is an important part of life. It fills the life with joy, peace and happiness. It has the power to uplift our soul. Music is the essence of life. It helps in connecting ourselves to our real self. Let us know more about music.

250 words essay on music

Music is defined as a pleasant sound that combines several melodies to soothes our spirits. It is an art of composing pleasant sounds that is made using several musical instruments. A person who is well versed in playing music is called as a Musician. It comprises of Taals, Sargam, and Ragas. Music is not just what people has created, you can even find it in the sound of leaves of tree that moves with air, a waterfall, a flowing river, waves in the ocean, singing of dolphins, sounds of birds etc. Thus, nature is one of the best examples of music. By being in the lap of nature in silence, will give you the most comforting, and enjoyable musical experience.

Music is a potent healer on emotional and mental levels. It activates, and nourishes the right side of brain that is linked to creativity. It is a therapy for people who are sad, lonely, and depressed. Music is a companion for those who live alone. It is the soul of life. It has been scientifically proven that listening to the soft tunes of sitar, flute, piano etc. can being tranquility and harmony within our body. Music is an excellent stress buster, and a means of relaxation.

When you compose or listen to music, you tend to forget all your worries, pains, and sorrows. Several guided meditations have music as a primary component as it sinks deeply into our brain and harmonizes with the rhythms of our soul. Where fast music can energize you and make your workouts interesting, listening to slow music can be the best cure for sleep problems.

500 words essay on music

Music is ingrained in our life. Our breathing has a rhythm. Everything in our surroundings i.e., birds, plants, trees, etc. has their own musical way of communication. Music lies in every living creature or a human being. Music can convey all types of emotions to people. Music is considered to be the purest ways to worship divinity and merge with the soul. It is a powerful way to connect to God.

Music is a Universal language that has no limitations. People enjoy it irrespective of age, nationality, gender, race, etc. It links regions, and countries together. Being a country of vast cultural diversities, there are several styles of music. Some of them being Pop, Classical, Rock, Bhajans, Instrumental, Ghazals, Folk, Carnatic, Indo Jazz, Thumri, Khyal, Bhangra, Qawwali, Dadra, Drupad, Bandish, Dhamar, Baithak Gana, Sufi, Odissi, Tarana, Bhavageet, etc.

Music is a composition of melodies, and rhythms. It is one of those art forms that triggers our feelings in several different ways. it comprises of pitch, rhythm, timbre, dynamics, and texture. It is also is different forms, and sectors. The results are beyond your understanding. From time immemorial, music has been a source of comfort, and solace to people. When you are happy, or sad, there is music for every emotion that you feel deep inside your heart.

Music can be comforting, and inspiring, it can be a way to celebrate, or a means to take away the dullness from our daily life. Music is one of the best companions, and a necessity for many people. Music is the best past time for people. To some people, listening to music enhances their work productivity, and keep them lively, and enthusiastic towards their life.

Music is rejoiced throughout the world in several styles, and forms. Everyone has their own choices when it comes to music. Where some old generation enjoys classic music, young generation are fans of Bollywood and Western music. What may be the preference, the goal of these forms is one: to give solace, and happiness to people.

One of the major reasons behind mental issues is that we have lost our touch to our own self. People are so engrossed in materialistic life, and fulfilling their wants, they forgot to nourish the bonds that they share with the soul, and nature. The vibrations produced by the music units with the chords and rhythms of our ancient soul and brings a balance in the body.

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Music impacts the deeper layers of our existence and connect us to the nature. Looking at the impact of music on our health, doctors advise to listen to music for sometime during the day. In this way, where medicines prove ineffective, music can do wonders on the health of a person. Music is a natural tonic, that enhances the dopamine level in the body. Dopamine is a pleasure, hormone that gets released in the body and gives satisfaction. Thus, music is a powerful natural remedy that nourishes our soul and gives a feeling of mental well-being. Music has also been used as psychotherapy treatments to people. We must treasure it and make it a part of our daily life.