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Positive And Negative Effects Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence provides innumerable benefits to the modern world. But just like any other technology, it also comes with its own share of disadvantages. AI is smart enough to automate human tasks but it lacks emotional intelligence. It does not have any ability to figure out the background and influence its decisions.

This technology can be used to enhance various areas of business that includes recruitment, engagement processes as well as employee development. In this article, we will look more about the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence in detail.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence uses robots to portray human-like characteristics. This technology is used to perform to repetitive tasks effectively and accurately. This saves the time and energy of human workforce that can be used in other productive works.

Some of the examples of AI are SIRI, self-driving cars, performing internet searches, solving equations, facial recognition, autonomous weapons, autonomous drones, robotic swarms, curing disease through nanorobots, video games, robotic pets to treat depression, playing chess. Artificial Intelligence is observed to outperform humans at every cognitive task.

Why do we need AI?

Intelligence is one of the biggest factors in our modern civilization. Strengthening human intelligence with AI will assist civilization to flourish remarkably. For this to happen, it is required to manage the technology such that it remains beneficial.

Negative impact of Artificial Intelligence

The super powerful Artificial Intelligence lacks the ability to express human emotions. Let us see some more negative effects of this technology.

The AI can be programmed to perform destruction: People with malicious intent can use AI to design autonomous weapons that are automated to destroy an area. This can lead to mass casualties. This can happen when they do not properly align a super-intelligent AI with the business goals.

Global Regulations: AI technology requires specific regulations and laws to be determined by various governments to ensure effective and safe global interactions. The activities and verdicts with respect to AI in one country has the ability to negatively impact others quite easily. Where Europe has designed a robust regulatory approach for transparent implemented of AI, China, and the US enables its firms to to apply this technology in a liberal manner.

Increased Hacking: Artificial intelligence speeds up the execution of activities. Due to automation, there is a possibility that evil acts such as infecting software with viruses, phishing, can pose risky consequences.

Loss of Jobs: Robots designed on the basis of AI technology, have the ability to perform simple and repetitive tasks all by themselves. Due to this reason AI machines have replaced several humans at workplace. Due to this reason, many people have lost their jobs as well.

Positive effects of artificial Intelligence

AI offers multitude of benefits to the organization as well as the country that can’t be overlooked. Let us see some of its advantages below:

Technological advancement: AI makes a business productive. This technology can automate repetitive tasks on its own without any need of workforce. In this way, the freed laborers can be put on core areas of the business that, in turn, enhances productivity to good extent.

AI has been seen effective in recruitment procedure. This technology performs automated assessments as well as asynchronous video interviews that assists in bringing skilled and varied professionals into the organization.

Better precision: Machines never make mistakes. There can be a chance of error when machines are used to execute a redundant task. With the use of AI technology, you can ensure incredible precision, efficiency, and speed.

Can perform dangerous tasks: Some tasks like mining, tunneling, excavating fuels, space exploration etc. can pose risk to humans. With AI, there is no such problem. These machines have the ability to complete dangerous tasks and endure issues easily and effectively.

Enhances work efficiency: With AI, users can predict what a user is going to ask, type, search, and do. AI can be used to organize and manage records easily. These systems have the ability to figure out any fraud in card-based systems. AI-based machines have the ability to think logically without involving any emotions, making balanced decisions with little or no mistakes.

Evolution: AI has got the power to become more intelligent in comparison to any human being. This smart technology has the potential to make the country sturdiest, biggest, and quickest.


So, we have seen that Artificial Technology can both positively and negatively impact the organization. It is required that we make the right use of artificial intelligence to enhance these outcomes. If used carelessly, AI can weaken its advantages and also bound success for not just the employees as well as the organization.

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