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Positive And Negative Effects Of Games And Sports

The addiction to games and sports especially video games has increased in recent years. This is causing children to become violent and aggressive. It has also been seen that they are spending more time playing games and neglecting their studies. This is resulting in poor academic scores and grades. Looking at this consequence, many parents have disallowed their children to play these games.

At the same time, supporters of games and sports including psychologists and scientists believe that playing games and sports make kids smart. Playing sports increase their thinking skills that helps them make the right decisions quickly. It builds their muscles, improves concentration, relieves from stress and makes them healthy on physical and emotional levels. In this article, we will find out more about the positive and negative effects of playing games and sports.

Positive Effects of Games and Sports

It Exercises Your Brain And Muscles: Games and sports exercises and develops your muscles, and brain. Games like chess, sudoku etc. develops analytical, and problem solving skills in a child that helps him in all steps of life. It makes people more aware of their situations. Games also develop reading and mathematical skills. They become quick thinkers.

Games like shooting and others improve hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, cognitive, visual-spatial and motor skills in a person. Physical games and sports like cricket, football, tennis, basketball, running etc. gives a complete body workout to the body. It helps release toxins from the body. These physical activity increases strength and endurance in the body and keeps obesity and other health ailments at bay.

Makes A Person Active: People who play sports and games are found to be physically and mentally active than those who don’t play. They are more productive at home or workplace. Not just their active life benefits them but also their children and people who surround them. They remain young and vibrant all their life. They become an inspiration for them to lead a healthy and happy life.

Makes A Person Goal Oriented: A person who indulges in sports and games work with a goal oriented mindset in their life. They make the best efforts to accomplish their goals. They are seen to be more focused, and determined in their life.

Teaches them the value of teamwork: There are many sports that require working in teams. It teaches a person to coordinate with fellow team members and jointly contribution to make their team win. They learn the importance of life values such as cooperation, collaboration and teamwork. eventually.

Socializes them: Another benefit of playing sports and games is that it enhances your overall personality. It makes people more social and extrovert. They come across new people of their age groups and make friendships with them.

Negative Effects of Playing Sports

Makes Them Addict: It is commonly seen that games make a person addict. They start to withdraw from other activities such as studies, family get together etc. and devote all their time to sports. This addiction adversely impacts their mental health and personality. They tend to suffer from low self-esteem.

Poor social connections: Due to a lack of connection with their near and dear ones, it impacts their social interaction and communication skills. By ignoring other important areas in life they fail to make a good career and meaningful relationships in life.

Poor academic record: Constant negligence in studies results in poor academic performance in school. As they don’t secure good grades, their career gets greatly impacted. They could not face the tough competition in education and fail to make a successful career.

Develops Aggression: Playing specific games like violent video games increases violent and destructive tendencies in a person. Such games make a deeply negative impact on the thoughts, behavior and feelings of a person. It lowers empathy and increases aggression. Such children suffer from attention deficit disorder. They show impulsive behavior and become more anxious and stressful that can cause long term health issues in the future. This is not a sign of a healthy mind.

Can Cause Injuries: Overindulgence in sports, there are possibilities of sports-related injuries in a person. As the bones of children are quite weak compared to their tendons and ligaments, they are prone to fractures.


Games and sports are vital for health but there has to be a balance between them and other areas of life. Keep a specific number of hours for sports activities. Pay equal attention to studies, social interaction, and other important tasks during the rest of the day. This will help form a balanced personality.