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Positive And Negative Effects Of Coronavirus

COVID-19 has resulted in a million of deaths worldwide. This pandemic has disrupted the lives of several people all across the globe. In some ways, it has also shown its positive impact in the form of a cleaner environment. In this article, we will look at the positive, and negative sides of Coronavirus.

Negative Effects Of Coronavirus

COVID-19 has caused a lot of destruction on the global trade. Companies and industries are shutting down, flights, and trains are canceled, and many workers could not travel to their home town. Let us see more about the positive effect of coronavirus in detail.

Resulted in National Emergency: This outbreak has affected the entire world. It was declared as a “national level emergency” by the WHO (World Health Organization). The key contributors to GDP as investment, external trade, and private consumption, all got affected.

Chemical Industry: Due to shutting down of chemical plants, chemical industry has badly affected in the world. There are stringent restrictions on logistics. Disruption in the supply of raw materials has disrupted around twenty percentage of the overall production. India has been dependent on major supplier nations as China, America etc. Due to heavy impact of coronavirus in these nations, it has resulted in inadequate supplies in India.

Shipping Industry: Coronavirus outbreak has also badly affected the cargo movement service providers. According to the reports, per day per vessel has reduced by over 75% in dry bulk trade.

Automobile Industry: The auto industry is not untouched by this pandemic. Due to shut down in developed nations of the world, it has resulted in around 5% to 8% of contraction of automobile manufacturing units.

Pharmaceuticals Industry: India has been one of the key constructions of drug exporters throughout the world. The Indian pharma industry is dependent heavily on import like that of bulk drugs. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, it has also got severely impacted.

Textiles Industry: The epidemic has caused several textile industries worldwide to halted their operations that has affected the exports of yarn, fabric, and other types of raw materials, and resources from India.

Solar Power Sector: Due to coronavirus, Indian solar energy industries are not able to import raw materials in solar cells, and panels. This has made them lack the required amount of it.

Electronics Industry: Due to heavy dependence of direct and indirect electronics component supply from US, and China, disruption of their electronic industry has made India’s to supply, and production units to suffer.

IT Industry: As the IT companies are not functioning due to coronavirus outbreak, it has adversely impacted the growth, and revenue of Indian IT companies.

Tourism and Aviation: As international flights are cancelled, coronavirus outbreak has put a halt on the inflow of tourists to India. This has resulted in loss of revenue generation in Tourism and Aviation sector.

Positive Effects of Coronavirus

It is not that coronavirus has done only destruction in the world. It has also benefitted the environment in beneficial ways.

Reduced Air pollution: It has been seen that due to reduced movement of vehicles on the road, and air, and shutting down of industries, the air has become cleaner. Air pollution has significantly dropped all over the globe. Air pollutants such as methane, and carbon-di-oxide has diminished.

Nitrogen dioxide, that is the sole of asthma and other ailments, has seen a significant drop in air. This is due to reduced use of power plants, car engines, and other forms of industrial processes.

There is significant enhancement in air quality and reduction in pollution in the sky throughout the world. With fewer number of planes buzzing around emissions of exhaust gases are getting eased.

Clean water: As industrial wastes are not poured into water resources, religions activities have reduced, people are not bathing in water, and no inflow of tourists, cloudy canals have now become crystal clear. Water pollutants have reduced to a great extent. It has positively impacted marine life.

Roads have become cleaner: As very less public, and vehicles are on the street, it has reduced the possibilities of getting the roads dirty. Traffic levels have gone down significantly with about 35%. Carbon monoxide emissions have reduced by 50%. Cities like New York, New Delhi, etc. that were ranked high on the scale of pollution have become cleaner.

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Reduced emissions from coal combustion: This is another positive result of coronavirus due to which the consumption of coal has reduced in the world. It has enhanced quality of air in the affected regions and have also reduced airborne pollutants that includes carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and carbon dioxide.

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