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Essay on Nature

Nature is a greatest blessing for human life. It has been a source of inspiration for several writers, poets, artists etc. from time immemorial. Now a days people fail to identify it as one. This outstanding creation has inspired people to write stories, and poems in its glory that reflects in their work.

250 Words Essay On Nature

Nature comprise of natural things that are present in nature. It is a combination of both living as well as non-living natural things. Some of the examples of livings things that forms nature are human-beings, fishes, animals, trees, and plants. On the other hand, non-living things that forms nature are mountains, air, soils, rivers, water, oceans, and ponds,

Things in nature are classified into mainly three categories, i.e., solid, liquid, and gas. They all have their unique characteristics. Solids things such as stones, and mountains have got a fixed shape. These things don’t have the ability to flow. Liquid things, on the other hand, do not have any fixed shape. These things take the form of the vessel in which they are dispensed. These types of things have the ability to flow.

Gases don’t have any fixed shape. They have a tendency to expand freely. Some of the examples of gases that are present in the atmosphere are oxygen, carbon-di-oxide, nitrogen, helium etc. Nature is so beautiful. You would be amazed to see the different colors of flowers, colors and prints of butterflies, sounds of birds, slow clad mountains, expansive rivers, and oceans etc. that makes up the entire ecosystem.

Nature offer support to our life. It provides us the daily essentials such as the water to drink, and air to breathe. We also obtain food products from the nature such as vegetables, wood, fruits, grains, and medicines here. Where natural gases serve our cooking needs, witnessing the natural beauty in the form of sea-beaches, hill stations, fragrances of flowers fill your soul and heart with joy.

500 Words Essay On Nature

Nature is a very integral part of manhood. It has been there long before the existence of humans and has nourished mankind forever. It is surrounded by the fresh air, voice of lovely birds, pure water, the soothing sunlight, the beautiful and peaceful sight of moon. It is vibrant, and rich that comprise of living as well as non-living things. People have a lot to learn from the abundance of nature. It offers a protective layer that safeguards us against all types of harms. Without it, survival of mankind is difficult.

Nature protects us in so many ways. Nature in all its form, for example, the plants, rivers, animals, moon, mountains, etc. holds equal importance for people. The vast Himalayan range is one of the examples of it. Himalayan Range influences the climate of a place. It protects the habitat from cold continental air coming from Central Asia from reaching the country. Without the Himalayan range, the entire idea would have been a desert. Absence of a single element is sufficient to lead to a disaster in the proper functioning of human life.

Nature serves all living beings on the planet in so many ways. Food, water, rainfall, medicinal herbs, and sunshine, are some of the very essential elements for the survival of people. They are a gift of nature, and so we should use them wisely. The growing urbanization, and technological advancements is creating an imbalance in nature, and disturbing the ecological system. We should make efforts towards conservation of the natural assets.

Destruction of plants and trees can have acute repercussions in various spheres of life. It can lead to soil erosion, and even bring a significant reduction in the level of rainfall. We must make efforts to keep our natural surrounding hygienic, and safe. We must not pollute the natural environment. We should nurture nature by planting more trees, and preventing any misuse of fuels, and water. It is necessary that we don’t exploit, or abuse the nature in any way.

Pollution of ocean water should be prohibited by industries as it leads to immense scarcity of water. The excessive use of air conditioners, automobiles and ovens release a lot of Chlorofluorocarbons that exhausts the ozone layer. This phenomenon results in global warming, and leads to melting of glaciers, and thermal expansion.

We need to respect and take care of the nature for the benefits it provides us. We should prevent our personal automobiles, and switch to carpooling, and public transport as much as possible. This will help in reducing pollution to a great extent. Investment in solar energy sources is a good way to replenish natural resources.

Nature has got an incredible transformative power that is responsible for the proper functioning of existence on earth. We should acknowledge its importance in our daily life. It is our duty to preserve it and make our planet a better place to live. We should stop all selfish activities and make efforts to preserve natural resources for sustained survival on the Earth.