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Essay On Photography

Photography is one of the major interests of people who appreciate distinctiveness, and beauty in their surroundings. Let us know more about the significance of photography.

250 words essay on photography

Photography is a process that helps in defining the procedure to create stationary or moving pictures using photographic lens in a camera. It works by recording rays on a sensitive medium that can be an electronic sensor, or a photographic film. Photographs are developed using the “negatives” film. Light patterns get produced or reproduced by objects when they trigger an electronic sensor, or a sensitive chemical during a scheduled exposure.

The camera stores the resultant information in a chemical or electronic form. Digital photography is one of the types of photography that makes use of cameras that comprise of electronic photodetectors to click images focused via a lens. Photographers control the lens, and camera for exposing the light recording material to the light. This helps in creating a latent film or a raw image in digital camera. This image after processing gets transformed into a usable form of image. In digital cameras, an electronic image sensor that works on light-sensitive devices replaces a conventional film.

It has various applications in the field of business, filmmaking, science, marketing, tourism, fashion, advertising, and a lot more. Several industries use it to create catalogues that features their products in an alluring way. Tourism industry use photography to click pictures of several tourist spots all across the world.

Attractive brochures are created that features interesting photos of tourist spots to promote tourism at a place. Fashion, is another area that use photography. Here, expert photographers click snaps of models to showcase the designer accessories, and costumes they sport.

500 words essay on photography

Photography is one of the ways to show their creative skills and life from a different outlook.   There are several factors that determines the value of any image such as its color, lighting, creativity, its distinctiveness, background, charm, shooting time, shooting location, and the meaning that hides behind it. These are also the factors that differentiates an ordinary image from an impactful one. It is an art that helps in capturing beautiful moments in life, and cherish for future. It can be a natural scenery, a painting, an expression, a building, etc.

Photography is a hobby for several people. By using this skill, a photographer depicts the emotions, and experiences they see on a canvas. They take pictures that represents the best moments of the life. These photographs help them recollect the past events. They see the world full of interesting events, adventures, games of light, and colors, and stories. It has always been an exciting, and interesting forms of art that greatly impacts the human life.

The art of photography helps people to record reality. Being a science, and art, it has constantly improved by several inventors, artists, engineers, and scientists. Photography is an art that is referred to as “drawing with light”. There are several sorts of photography that includes satellite, monochrome, panoramic, and underwater.

Photographers are needed everywhere. In television and film industry, photographers take stationary photos of specific scenes for the marketing of new films, and television shows in the media. The type of camera used for capturing still images is different than the camera used for capturing movie images or a movie. It takes a quick series of photos on varying strips of film. Each of these sequences of images develops a frame. These frames are played on a film projector. Such type of photoshoots is very commonly seen in the marketing industry.

Photography is very significant in modeling. Where photography companies charge hefty charges to aspiring models, talented photographers can help them make a flourishing career in modeling. Professional courses aspire people to become successful photographers. News industry also hire photographers who help journalists to cover events. Another important area where Photographers are important are in shooting for birthdays, engagement, weddings, baby warming and other auspicious and personal occasions.

More than representing reality, this art is also beneficial in various other spheres of life. A well clicked photograph has the potential to influence people, or making an impressive reputation of a specific firm, or brand. Photographs also have a big impact on emotions of people. The images they click helps in connecting people to each other. Where some photographers click it for casual purpose, others want to reveal deep hidden meaning behind their creations.

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Every image tells a specific story to people. It should not be overlooked.  Photograph has the power to influence the people. A few people use it in the form of their weapon to bring about the issues in the society and control the vulnerable people. Image can get attention from people, and can even lead to shock, sadness, aggression, uncertainty, and stress.